Sunday, October 21, 2007

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October 19th

Bush said to Iran today, “we will isolate you” referring to his zero tolerance policy for their efforts to build nuclear capabilities. It’s ironic since now, more than ever, it’s America who is isolated. With our weak dollar and lack of moral credibility, we are forcing a realignment of affinities even among our once friends. The joke about Bush bonding with Putin on his visit to W’s ranch is more than not funny, now that Putin is befriending Iran. China is cutting deals with Iraq, and so is Iran. Turkey is ready to take matters into its own hands with Baghdad, having given up on the US helping with the issue of the Kurds on their border. There is some serious huddling and whispering going on in them Eastern regions and Bush is not invited, and therefore we are not invited. There are new affinities forming, drawing into stark relief the real catalyst for the frightening but not so unreasonable threat of a WWIII, that Bush naively attributes to Iran getting nuclear.

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Pat said...

When you get a chance, you should watch this episode of Bill Maher with guest, chessmaster Garry Kasparov, who is planning to run against Putin in the next elections. He brilliantly and succinctly explains the political why's of Putin's actions. You really get the feeling that there's a very intricate game of chess going on and Putin is running circles around Bush & Co.